Kinoma/iShell Mobile Edition Samples Available

Kinoma’s Kinoma Player is the first rich media player for Palm OS. Companies like Sony are already making trailers and other media avilable in Kinoma format. Kinoma was founded by Peter Hoddie, who was QuickTime’s spiritual leader for its most interesting decade, and then went on to found Generic Media before going mobile.

Tribeworks‘ iShell Mobile Edition (IME) is the second authoring tool for Kinoma (the first is Kinoma’s own Kinoma Producer). It uses an interface similar to their Tribeworks’ PC authoring tool but targets the Kinoma runtime rather than their iShell runtime.

I just received word that samples of Kinoma movies are now becoming available. Currently there’s one 320×320 demo and two 320×480 demos — which means that you’re going to need high-res Palm OS device such as a Sony Clié to try them — but low-res versions are apparently in the works. Link