MusicNet and Pressplay sign the last of the big boys

Today, MusicNet announced that they’ve signed Sony and Universal for their service. On Wendesday, Pressplay announced that they’d scored a license from Warner. As of today, then, the score is:

MusicNet: BMG, EMI, Warner Music (the three founders), Sony Music and Universal.

Pressplay: Sony Music, Universal (the two founders), BMG, EMI and Warner Music.

So everybody has everybody’s content (the labels continue to license their content to others to avoid the ineffectual but inconvenient Justice Department actions), and the services have figured out that they’re going to need to support CD burning and MP3 player portability if they want people to give them $10 every month.

Susan Kevorkian, an IDC analyst, said that IDC figures that there are half a million subscribers in total for all paying music subscription services. Kazaa, in contrast, has about 10 million users in the U.S. | story