Google Google Google

If Yahoo! is the internet’s table of contents, then Google is its index. But as in meatspace, I find myself reaching for the index whenever I need to find something. Here are the three most interesting Googlethings I’ve seen lately.

Google Zeitgeist 2002 is a fascinating look at the World According To Google — for example, the top declining query (“Nostradamus”) and the top gaining query (“Spider-Man”) suggests that we collectively experienced a little too much reality in 2001. I predict that within the next three years, Google’s Zeitgeist reports will become one of society’s most important cultural barometers. Furthermore, I predict that they will be the basis of an annual television special within five.

The World According to Google is a great article about Google by Steven Levy. One of the things he discusses is “Google dating”, which is certainly something I did (and had done to me) even in Google’s early days.

Google-Eyed is Walt Mossberg’s review of all the great things you can do with Google these days. He discusses Google’s excellent image search, but also be sure to check out the new products search (which was introduced after Walt’s article, and is now in beta). | Google Zeitgeist 2002 | The World According to Google | Google-Eyed (ways to enhance your search experience)