Happy internet eve!

For most people, today is New Year’s Eve. But more importantly, 20 years ago tomorrow the internet as we know it was born.

From its early days as a pet project in the Department of Defense to its infamous time nestled under Al Gore’s wing, the history of the Internet is littered with dozens of so-called birthdays. […] …perhaps the most famous of the lot is the acclaimed Jan. 1, 1983, switch from Network Control Protocol to Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol. The transition from NCP to TCP/IP may not have been the sexiest moment in Internet history, but it was a key transition that paved the way for today’s Internet. Call it one small switch for man, but one giant switch for mankind.com.

As you celebrate tonight, remember to offer one up for Vint Cerf and team for “jamming it down their throats”. Cheers! | Wired News story | Bob Braden on IETF General list