"One drive to burn them all…"

Jon Fott of The San Jose Mercury News wrote about his experiences with a new Titanium PowerBook with a built-in DVD burner.

It felt like a whole new species of computer.

For me, the iBook (the Passat to the TiBook’s H2) is the better portable computer overall. But the TiBook is certainly lust-worthy — so much so that it completely blinded Porsche Design, which simply copied the TiBook design for Best Buy (although ultimately they failed to match the TiBook “feel”).

The bigger news is that DVD burners are becoming options for laptops. They’re currently pretty slow, but think back to the first time you actually created a CD. It was almost unbelievable, wasn’t it? For some reason, it’s even more amazing being able to do it from your laptop.

Handing out the first DVD you’ve made yourself is a rush, like printing out a document for the first time. Sure, DVD burners have been around a while. But there’s something more empowering about creating a DVD movie and delivering it when you’re on the run.

You heard it here first — 2003 is The Year of the DVD Burner. Prices are sub-$500 and plummeting, and super-combo drives (which can write DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, CD-R and CD-RW discs) mean that you won’t be burned (ouch!) by buying a drive that doesn’t support the “winning” format. | The Mercury News story