Streaming Media ballast thrown over side of Penton balloon

A company called Information Today (ITI) has picked up the ailing Streaming Media shows and publications from Penton Media, best known for the Internet World shows and publications.

The deal includes, a site whose Reader Deterrence Program was known for its never-ending popups and onerous registration requirements in the name of pumping readers into buying the reports and seeing the shows (which, even given the industry slump, were getting embarrassing).

…in past years Streaming Media East has been big enough to fill a small conference hall in the Jacob Javits convention center in New York as part of the weeklong Internet World trade show. But at this fall’s show, Streaming Media East had shrunk to barely one row of exhibitors on the main floor.

ITI is quoted as saying its own Screaming Media shows will continue, leaving the fate of the Streaming Media shows up in the air. | Internet story