Beware first "MPEG-4" DVD player

Tom’s Hardware Guide (THG) has always confused the DivX codec (once a hack of an old version of the Windows Media Video codec, now an actual MPEG-4 Video codec) with the MPEG-4 format (which supports several codecs, including the MPEG-4 Video codec). The cluelessness continues in their review of the KiSS Technology DP-450.

THG’s review of the DP-500 notes that it supports the DivX “format”, which they incorrectly equate with MPEG-4. The player does support DivX-style Franken-AVIs that use MPEG-4 Video (Advanced Simple Profile) for video and MP3 for audio, but it doesn’t support MPEG-4. The DP-500 doesn’t even use DivX for their video (which makes the THG review all the more bewildering), but uses REALmagic’s 8500 hardware decoder instead.

In review, (1) the DP-500 does not support MPEG-4, (2) the DP-500 does not use the DivX codec, and (3) avoid Tom’s Hardware Guide when it comes to anything having to do with MPEG-4.