Kyocera's new Palm-powered smartphone

I’ve had a Kyocera 6035 Palm-powered smartphone for a couple of years. It has its quirks, but overall it’s the best phone and the best PDA I’ve ever had.

The 6035 is tough (I give it a good drop at least once a month…you know, to seat the chips), syncs with all of my stuff, and (most importantly) frees me from having to carry both a phone and a PDA. Plus, the thing goes three days without a charge — a fantasy for Windows-powered smartphones. There are other Palm-powered smartphones, but I prefer Kyocera’s phone-first/PDA-second design over the PDA-first/palm-second design of other Palm-powered phones.

Cruelly, Kyocera announced the 7135 Palm-powered smartphone six months ago, and I’ve been thinking unclean thoughts about it ever since. It’s smaller (about the size of a pack of cards), faster, has a color screen, and is GPS-ready. Just recently a U.S. carrier called ALLTEL (never head of them, have you?) finally launched the 7135 on their network. Kyocera promises that major carriers will announce support for the 7135 within six weeks.