New QuickTime "wired movie" authoring tool

“Wired movies” are interactive QuickTime movies. I was Apple’s QuickTime evangelist when QuickTime’s interactive capabilities were introduced, and out of the seeds I planted with developers only two found purchase in the long run — one with Totally Hip (who created LiveStage Pro, a tool dedicated to wired movie authoring), and one with Adobe (who added wired movie authoring to GoLive).

I’m happy to see a new wired movie authoring tool on the scene, eZediaQTI. It’s inexpensive ($99 regularly, $79 for a limited time), available for both Windows and Mac OS X, and looks capable and easy-to-use. There are QuickTime movies that shows eZediaQTI in action on their site, and they provide a demo version (which limits you to 5 objects across up to 5 frames). | eZediaQTI home | eZedQTI demo | Totally Hip LiveStage Pro | Adobe GoLive