What's new with QuickTime 6.1?

QuickTime 6.1 is now available. Mac users, use Software Update. Windows users, open the QuickTime control panel, choose the Update Check panel, and click Update.

In their recent DoCoMo announcements Apple had promised that this release was going to be able to play and encode 3GPP-compatible MPEG-4 files. However, 3GPP support is nowhere to be found. (3GPP is collection of mobile communications standards, including ones that precisely specify what is and isn’t allowable in 3GPP-compliant MPEG-4 files.)

QuickTime 6.1 provides higher quality (Apple says, jury’s still out) and more accurate bitrate controls when encoding MPEG-4 Video, offers more controls and bitrate options for for encoding AAC audio, improves DV decoding and encoding speed, and features better performance and more keyboard shortcuts when playing full-screen video. | Download QuickTime