When only the very worst Mac software will do

One of the more popular Mac sites is VersionTracker, which tracks the latest versions of most Mac software using a pleasant (albeit personality-free) newest-first list format surrounded with as much advertising as possible. It’s useful, and (like many useful things) boring.

In contrast, the bitchy PerversionTracker much more entertaining.

The highly trained PerversionTracker staff locates the very worst of Mac software. We search the web for 15 minutes a day — so you don’t have to!

How can you not love a review of the horrible-but-strangely-revered Opera brower that starts like this?

Using Opera is like slipping on a comfortable pair of shoes, and then discovering that your formerly comfortable shoes have been surreptitiously filled with broken glass. As you make this realization, a troupe of baboons rounds the corner, baring and snapping their grisly teeth. They howl and begin to chase you. Knowing youÂ’re the only fresh meat for miles, you start running from this horrible Ape Menace, suspecting that you have somehow fallen into the hands of the Global Monkey Conspiracy. As the simian horde draws closer, in your desperate panic to get away, you slide into a steep ravine. As you strike bottom, you awake, in bed. It was all a dream. You are safe, asleep, and your computer has only non-Opera browsers installed.

Answer: You can’t not love it.