Month: August 2006

  • Interview: Paul Colton, founder of Aptana

    Here’s a PlaybackTime interview (:30-ish) with Paul Colton, the founder of Aptana. [audio:] Listen to learn about: * Paul’s pionneering pre-Apatana history * His work with Xamalon, and how Ajax trumps Flash as a runtime philosophy * What Aptana shares and doesn’t share with Eclipse * An emerging JavaScript standard called ScriptDoc, and how it […]

  • Aptana: The first Web 2.0 development environment

    Even though I hadn’t really used it in a while, I’ve faithfully upgraded Dreamweaver with each new release. A few weeks ago I dusted it off, thinking that it’d be the perfect tool to start a new project I’m toying with. Ooof. Dreamweaver has made progress over the years, but not enough. It’s slow, has […]

  • Cory Doctorow: "OMG DRM is r33ly bad!"

    Ahhh. Another week, another anti-DRM…well, **screed**…by author, blogger, and Disney fetishist enthusiast [Cory Doctorow][Cory]. In _[Apple’s Copy Protection Isn’t Just Bad for Consumers, it’s Bad for Business][Cory article]_ — more honestly titled _How iTunes Screws the Music Industry and the Public_ on his blog — Cory points his blamethrower at Apple and boldly claims that […]

  • Overview of popular open-source Ajax toolkits

    InfoWorld’s Peter Wayner wrote an good overview of the most popular open-source toolkits, including a helpful screencast about each. Specifically, he covers: * [Dojo][Dojo] _([screencast][Dojo screencast])_ * [Google Web Toolkit (GWT)][GWT] _([screencast][GWT screencast])_ * [Microsoft Atlas][Atlas] _([screencast][YUI screencast])_ * [Rico][Rico] _([screencast][Rico screencast])_ * [Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI)][YUI] _([screencast][YUI screencast])_ * [Zimbra Kabuki Ajax Toolkit][Kabuki] […]