Interview: Paul Colton, founder of Aptana

Here’s a PlaybackTime interview (:30-ish) with Paul Colton, the founder of Aptana.


Listen to learn about:

* Paul’s pionneering pre-Apatana history
* His work with Xamalon, and how Ajax trumps Flash as a runtime philosophy
* What Aptana shares and doesn’t share with Eclipse
* An emerging JavaScript standard called ScriptDoc, and how it helps Aptana support so many Ajax/JavaScript frameworks
* The future of PHP support in Aptana
* Apatana-the-company’s business model (a.k.a. “We love the free, but we also want you to eat”)

Enjoy! A future entry will describe the tools and process used to produce the interview.

* [Aptana][Aptana]
* [Aptana TV][Aptana TV]
* [Direct link to interview (MP3 file)][Interview]
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