Ladies love a man that's a little dangerous

Dave Winer (who appears to have given up implying that he invented RSS, as long as nobody else can have invented it either) recently made a surprising mention of the movie Idiocracy.

Do I dare admit that I’ve seen the great movie Idiocracy? Nahhh. I haven’t seen it. But if I had, I would say the funniest part is where the Carls Jr vending machine mouths off at a customer.

Since (1) Idiocracy isn’t available on DVD for another week and (2) Dave knows everything, apparently the new rule is that it’s okay to publicly admit to illegal downloading as long as you also say “not” (or a variant, including but not limited to “nahhh”, “just kidding”, “fooled ya sucka” and “got your nose!”) in the same paragraph.

I’m obviously way ahead of rest of the blogosphere on this one, so I’m lobbying NBC to air a The More You Know segment on this ASAP. This is too important for everyone not not to know. (Got your nose!)

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