Essential Firefox extensions

These are the [Firefox][Firefox] extensions I can’t do without:

#### Everybody needs… ####

* **[CustomizeGoogle][CustomizeGoogle]** lets you turn on Google Suggest by default, adds lots of other links to many types of search results, and more.
* **[DownThemAll!][DownThemAll!]** is a fast replacement for Firefox’s built-in downloader, and lets you quickly download multiple links and images from a page.
* **[Forecastfox][Forecastfox]** gives you at-a-glance weather.
* **[Google Toolbar][Google Toolbar]** for Firefox lets you check and fix your spelling right within a web page, lets you easily fill in web forms with your personal information, and more.
* **[SessionSaver][SessionSaver]** remembers what you’re browsing across sessions. It makes crashes tolerable, and you can finally disable that Are you sure you want to close 56 open tabs? message.
* **[Tab X][Tab X]** fixes an egregious UI problem by putting a close box on each tab.

#### Web developers need… ####

* **[IE Tab][IE Tab]** lets you test your pages with IE’s rendering engine without leaving Firefox
* **[Web Developer][Web Developer]** is a deep extension that provides a plethora of tools for manipulating

#### But where’s…? ####

* **[Greasemonkey][Greasemonkey]** is interesting, but the whole experience is odd and difficult. I’ll rethink this when Greasemonkey scripts can be installed and updated like Firefox extensions.
* **[Performancing][Performancing]** is a blog editor for Firefox. Its UI resembles a Java app (not good), and it’s missing crucial features like “save as draft”. This looks like it could be promising in the future.

[CustomizeGoogle]: “Get the CustomizeGoogle extension”
[DownThemAll!]: “Get the Greasemonkey extension”
[Firefox]: “Get Firefox”
[Forecastfox]: “Get the Forecastfox extension”
[Google Toolbar]: “Get the Google Toolbar extension”
[Greasemonkey]: “Get Greasemonkey extension”
[IE Tab]: “Get the IE Tab extension”
[Performancing]: “Get Performancing extension”
[SessionSaver]: “Get the SessionSaver extension”
[Tab X]: “Get the Tab X extension”
[Web Developer]: “Get the Web Developer extension”