Windows Media Encoder 9 users: Read Me

If you do Windows Media Video 9 or Windows Media Audio 9 encoding, you **need** the Windows Media Format 9.5 SDK.

Although it isn’t documented anywhere that I know of, the SDK includes these very important updates:

* The new [Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile]( “Learn more about the WMV9 AP codec”) video codec (which implements the Advanced mode of the proposed [VC-1]( “Learn more about VC-1”) standard)
* Performance and quality improvements for the standard Windows Media Video 9 codec
* Performance improvements for Windows Media Audio 9

You can get them at the link below.

* [Windows Media Encoder 9]( “Get Windows Media Encoder 9”)
* [Windows Media Format 9.5 SDK]( “Get the Windows Media Format 9.5 SDK”)