Great list of (free!) digital photography guides from Adobe

John Nack, Adobe’s Photoshop product manager, recently compiled a list of 10 guides, one article, and one Photoshop action commissioned by Adobe.

  • The Role of Working Spaces in Adobe Applications
  • A Raw Workflow in the Real World: The March of the Yellow Penguins
  • Preparing Images for Delivery
  • Digital Image Integrity
  • Calibrating the Digital Darkroom Environment
  • Black and White Conversion Tutorial
  • Black and White Conversion Action
  • About Metadata
  • A Color Managed Raw Workflow
  • Making the Transition from Film to Digital
  • Highlight Recovery in Adobe Camera Raw
  • State of the Art

I haven’t worked through all of them yet, but so far I’ve found all of them interesting and insightful. If you’re into digital photography, you will too.