Burned by Vista

A few weeks ago some neighbors got married at home, surrounded by family and friends. I took a few photos.

Today I thought I’d burn a CD for them. My CD/DVD burner can burn CD-Rs at 48X, and I’m using good-quality 52X-rated media, so I figured it would take about five minutes.

At this moment, Vista is about 1/10 of the way through burning 60 files (about 275 MB) to CD. At its current place, Vista estimate that it will take a total of about 4 hours to complete the job.

That’s right. About four hours to burn less than half a CDs-worth of data.

Honestly…what is wrong with Microsoft?

[Around 2 hours into it, the novelty of seeing how long Vista would actually take wore off. I started over with Nero, which completed the same job in 2 minutes, 16 seconds.]