Fix Lightroom's odd Vista incompatibility

If you’re using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.0 on Vista, it’s likely that you’ve been frustrated by its inability to import anything. (The error message is a not-very-helpful “Could not copy/move a file to the requested location”, along with a list of every file you tried to import.)

Assuming you’re Lightroom’s import defaults, the workaround is to choose By Date: Year-Month-Day instead of By Date: Year/Month-Day in the Import Photos dialog.

It’s a odd issue, given that importing is among the most basic abilities of the app, that decent Vista releases had been available for several months before Lightroom’s release, and that Vista went final before Lightroom did.

Thankfully there don’t appear to be other problems as brain-dead this one, and I’ve now moved to Lightroom full-time for photo management and digital developing.